Got The Productivity Blues? 3 Tell Tale Signs That A Weekly Reset Is The Cure

Updated: Jan 3

So you want to be more productive? And you want to try a Weekly Reset on for size?

Before you dive headfirst into a Weekly Reset session, it's best to have confidence that weekly planning is for you.

This article explores how A Weekly Reset fosters Soulful productivity, and looks at three tell tale signs that a Weekly Reset may very well be the cure to your productivity blues.

Sign #1. You could learn a thing or two about boundaries.

If you’re struggling with maintaining healthy boundaries, you’ll likely notice - if you dig deep enough - that the struggle goes beyond mastering toxic relationships. Most likely, your biggest boundary battle is rooted in poor time and energy management.

For example, you might find yourself engaging in things that aren’t aligned with your greater purpose: things that deplete you rather than energize you. Living in reactivity, you find yourself at the mercy of 911s, other people’s priorities, and a whole lot of shit that leaves you drained and frustrated week over week, even if (or perhaps because) you are doing it all from a place of empathy, love and compassion, fueled by your desire to serve others.

Being skilled at healthy boundary setting allows you to be intentional with your time and energy by prioritizing the things that feel aligned. Setting healthy boundaries is a key ingredient to effective weekly planning.

A Weekly Reset teaches you effective boundary setting by empowering you to say No.

When saying No from an empowered place you are saying Yes to You and the community you serve, allowing you to be Soulfully Productive, every week.

Sign #2. Your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual body could use a tune-up.

A Weekly Reset prioritizes holistic self-care, making the elusive work-life balance attainable and sustainable.

When you take time to plan, you make time for You.

Making time for You means blocking time for rest, exercise and creativity - 3 keys to a holistic and balanced lifestyle. And this is the lifestyle that fosters Soulful Productivity.