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For Entrepreneurs and Creatives longing to add more meaning to their relationship with productivity.
Are you ready to
do less and BE MORE?

Your complimentary discovery call offers:

  • A conversation to explore how I can help you gain clarity, be truly productive, and feel Joyful AF - every day.

  • Key takeaways you can implement immediately after the call.

  • No sales, no commitments, no pressure.

Coching Program

Do Less Be More Coaching is holistic & intuitive, and designed to make your life simpler.  With me at your side, you will find clarity and heal the root causes of your productivity blocks, get organized for peak productivity (without the sacrifice!), and live an aligned and purpose-filled life.

This is for those who are ready to be initiated into a new way of being and have a desire to do so with personalized and private coaching.​

This work will transform your personal and work life and it requires:

  • courage (deep breath...we get vulnerable!),

  • unwavering support (that's my job), and

  • commitment (from both of us).

** Please note that I only take on a limited number of clients in order to devote my energy in a balanced and aligned way that best serves my ongoing clients.


Do Less Be More In-House Coaching goes beyond traditional team coaching.  To compete in the corporate world as the Collective Consciousness rises, your team's productivity needs Mind-Body-Spirit support.

Productivity Consulting, Customizable Workshops, and Leadership Training are also available.

Team Talk
Laptop Writing
Group Meditation
UX Design Team
Teams + Corporate

Kind words and success stories.


The work from home struggle is real.

Endless distractions, poor self-discipline, and lack of clarity have you ending each week feeling tired, discouraged, and unfulfilled.

This program gives you the tools to simplify, organize, and feel accomplished week after week: this is productivity on your terms, with the benefit of commmmunity support and accountability.

Image by Estée Janssens


"Amy's coaching is thoughtful, insightful and challenging in a positive and optimistic way. Her guidance has been instrumental in helping me to overcome challenges, both professionally and personally, and to work towards achieving major goals in my business. What I particularly enjoy about working with Amy is that she is holistic in her approach and so it feels like there is a much deeper conversation that happens where we explore things ranging from the business side through to mind, body and spirit and how that connects with what I do as well as what I want to achieve."

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Jeremy G.

Podcaster, Writer, Counsellor

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