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This is me.

Retired perfectionist, sun-worshipper, tickle-trunk owner, culinary-adventurist, single-mom... just like you I have many layers, but nothing makes me shine brighter than witnessing my clients escape the overwhelm and hustle-culture insanity to find clarity, peace of mind, and heart-felt joy. ​My life experiences (namely motherhood, severe burnout and depression, and two decades leading teams and companies) have taught me two things: 1. True productivity can only happen from a place of alignment, and 2. Burnout is the opposite of alignment.   I’m a Certified Transformational Life Coach with evolving Intuitive gifts. I am deeply inspired by holistic healing modalities like Internal Family Systems, Metaphysical Healing, and Somatic Experiencing. Over the years I've worked with all sizes of companies, organizing internal operations, developing strategies, and building foundational systems. I've cleaned up the books, implemented productivity software, and fine-tuned operating procedures. I've built, coached, and mentored thriving teams, facilitated change management processes, and rescued leadership teams from colossal HR messes. ​ My experiences through my corporate career taught me countless productivity systems, and best practices that I incorporate into my consulting and coaching work today. But let me be real with you: it was my chronic depression and severe burnout that was my greatest teacher. I've suffered, learned from, and integrated profound lessons from the gifts of burnout and depression. I've spent many moons committed to my healing journey, tapping into my divine inner knowing, and re-connecting with my Higher Self. This journey of re-membering the Self never ends, it deepens - beautifully. It's this self-actualization journey that has gifted me perspective and wisdom that allows me to empathize with the vulnerability of being in that place that you are in now. To be in a position to compassionately support you towards healing, clarity, and self-actualization so that you too can embody your most inspired way of living.

When you honor your Highest Self it's miraculous what you can achieve!

If you're experiencing...
  • ​perfectionist paralysis

  • chronic exhaustion

  • debilitating stress

  • overwhelm

  • burnout

 I can help you find...
  • balance

  • freedom

  • peace of mind

  • clarity & control

  • joy & excitement

Amy Fairbridge Do Less Be More Coaching


Based in Vancouver, BC I am an Intuitive & Holistic Productivity Coach on a mission to eradicate burnout. 


If you can sense that there's more to life than what hustle culture is leading you to believe...

but you aren't sure how to escape the pressure of it all...

and you're overwhelmed by all the productivity tools out there...

and you're curious about self-healing and The Great Awakening...


but you don't know where or how to begin...

Then you're in the right place.

Overwhelm and burnout don't discriminate, so I want to give you some examples of the types of Awakening Souls that I currently support: 

  • Healers and SOULpreneurs who have big hearts, big desires, and big visions, but the boring business side of things is getting in the way of them bringing their gifts to the world.

  • High Achieving Creatives whose big dreams are waging war with procrastination, endless distractions, and poor self-discipline.

  • Heart-centered Leaders whose best intentions are limited by "not-enough time", and are looking for accountability and support in shedding old patterns, leveling up their EQ, and optimizing their week.

My offerings include coaching, consulting, and group accountability.

  • get clarity and clear blocks so that you can take the first steps to....

  • tackle the chaos, get organized, and design your life to...

  • feel fulfilled knowing that you're spending time and energy on the things that matter most to you.


Do Less

Doing is an apology for Being. I get off on simplicity, play, and vulnerability. I love co-creating sustainable & organized systems to kill the clutter (with an emphasis on the mental and spiritual clutter!) with my clients.  With less chaos, there is simply less to do!

Do it Well

I get shit done efficiently, and I get it done well.  I'm a do-er and problem-solver seeking continuous improvement, always asking - is this the best way? When it comes to productivity - the key is alignment; I help you to achieve Soulful Productivity.

Be More

I aim to bring fulfillment into my clients' lives. Burnout has taught me the importance of relishing in the present moment and feeling accomplished without sacrificing the magical things in life: our well-being, our passions, our relationships. I am here to help you self-actualize and empower you to live an aligned and purpose-filled life.

"Doing less is not being lazy. Don't give into a culture that values personal sacrifice over personal productivity." ~Tim Ferriss



Proactive AF      more space for critical thinking & proactive planning to replace reactive decision making

Productive AF   a mindful approach to sustainable productivity

Meetings are more efficient and productive than ever.

I complete projects early, and I am proud of the work I do.  Flow state is my new normal.

I look forward to the work week because I am prepared and in control of my schedule.



Team Productivity

Simple AF         an automated workflow enabling you to achieve optimal performance

Aligned AF        a deeper connection with your Soul, authentically living your purpose

I confidently say no to the things that don't serve my greater purpose.

I enjoy nutritious home cooked meals with my family - every night.

Pesky tasks that used to bog me down are now automated or delegated.

 Alignment Warrior Two

Peaceful AF       peace of mind in a trusted system where nothing gets dropped

Energized AF    enhanced energy to enjoy life designed for your ultimate pleasure

I never miss celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

My weekends are spent relaxing, connecting, and exploring my passions.

I take regular vacations.  REAL vacations, where I am completely unplugged.





Hiking Boots

Less guilt, more celebrated milestones.


Less overwhelm from endless emails, more pleasure & sexy dinner dates


Less exhaustion from putting out fires, more cozying up with a book by the fire.


Less stressful distractions & interruptions, more creative exploration.   


Less disappointing evenings away from family working late,

more afternoons hiking forest trails with the kids.  


Less frustrating procrastination, more inspirational flow.


Less unproductive meetings, more game-changing decision-making.


Less compromising values, more intentional service to others.


Less missed appointments, more Soulful connection.

Dressing Up Dad

Ready to Do Less and Be More?

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