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Two decades leading teams in the corporate sector across a half dozen industries taught me that productivity and success is entirely dependent on the vitality of the Team.

Your company's growth trajectory is contingent on each team member's holistic well-being (Mind-Body-Spirit) as well as their productivity skills and job=-related competencies.

My approach to productivity coaching and consulting is intuitive and holistic.  We go beyond the efficiencies, KPIs, scorecards, and quarterly goals to heal, ignite, and inspire each team member into aligned action and peak performance that is sustainable.

No more burnout.  Reduced turnover. Healthier bottom line.



Investing in your team's mental health, emotional wellness, and spiritual well being are no longer optional in today's corporate climate as the Collective Consciousness awakens. Unfortunately, spending budget dollars on mandatory workshops only adds stress to your team, leaving many team members resentful for having being pulled away from their daily responsibilities and looming deadlines. ​Do Less Be More In-House Coaching solves this problem. With weekly coaching time-blocks to sign up for, team members consciously choose to invest their time and attention to match the company's investment in their well-being and skills development.  They show up because they want to - and their appreciation shows up in the bottom line​​. Areas of speciality: - Burnout Prevention/Recovery - Productivity - Communication - Leadership - Time Management - Stress Management - Conflict Management (NVC) - Physical Health - Mental Health - EQ (emotional intelligence + wellness) - Spiritual Well-Being - Systems + Processes


Virtual or In-person.  Completely customizable. 

2 hours to multi-day options.

Calendar + Time Management

Mental and Emotional Well Being

Communication (NVC)

Stress Management + Burnout Prevention

Leadership EQ Training

Email Management

and more!

Similing Team
Chart analysis


Productivity Consulting for business leaders, start-ups, and small businesses. 


Let's face it, you've got big dreams - but your time is better spent on vision and strategy than on specific tasks or processes. 


My assessment brings fresh eyes to operations, highlights the blind spots to improve efficiencies and put systems into place to skyrocket productivity.  Plus, I'll keep you accountable to integrating the changes that your business needs to make your dreams a successful reality.

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