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The Soulful Productivity Program


Space is limited to 8 participants in order to facilitate an intimate and personalized learning experience

Gain time...
Boost your energy...
Make a bigger impact...

All by doing less
with way less stress.

What is Soulful Productivity?

Soulful Productivity is an intimate live online learning experience that will radically shift you out of overwhelm and into clarity, accomplishment, and joy, in just 9 weeks!

If you're chronically exhausted, distracted, and stressed, it's not your fault!  This is what Hustle Culture does.  


So many smart, hard-working Souls with big dreams and big hearts get trapped in the hustle culture vacuum: constantly over-giving, over-stretching, over-doing while never experiencing the true impact from their efforts. It's like no matter how much they give, instead of feeling accomplished, their to-do lists are longer than yesterday's and they're left feeling scattered, depleted, and stuck.

In this program you'll learn how to get unstuck.


You'll feel more empowered.  More energized.


And you'll have WAY more time to make the impact your heart desire's to make. 


You'll be guided to create your own personalized leak-proof system so that you can take back control of your work, your life, and your happiness.

Soulful Productivity is the cure to Hustle Culture.  You'll learn how to skyrocket your impact by doing less, so you no longer need to sacrifice the things that truly matter, like your passions, your relationships, and your health.

Be supported as you shift out of overwhelm and into joyful clarity, focus, and accomplishment.

Be equipped with simple, practical tools to operate distraction free, get into flow, and be truly productive by doing less, without the sacrifice.

Be confident in a system you can trust in, knowing you are in control, while rejecting the pressures of Hustle Culture that everyone else is trapped in. 

Who is Soulful Productivity for?

You're ready to break free from the toxic hustle culture and take back control of your time, attention, and life! You want to do it your way, and you appreciate flexibility.


You struggle with managing your energy and want to learn how to do less and stress less, but produce WAY more, and with greater impact.

You're craving more freedom, connection, and meaning in your life but you're feeling trapped by your to-do list and responsibilities. 

You don't have the time or the energy to take on anything new but you NEED things to shift because chronic overwhelm and life dissatisfaction just ain't cutting it anymore.

You thrive on the accountability and support that a group learning setting offers.

What's included in the program?

  • 9 weekly live group learning sessions (private access to the recording in case you can't make the live class)

  • A 45+ page downloadable course workbook including The 8 Magic Principles to Soulful Productivity

  • Practical integration homework in between sessions to get you into action from day one

  • Bonus Q&A group session to work out the kinks and fine tune your personalized system

  • Lifetime access to Member's Only Area with supplementary resources including videos 

  • Private group community chat for support and accountability

  • Email coaching support throughout the program

An Overview of the Curriculum

Module 1:
A Soulful Foundation

Tame distractions and clear productivity blocks.

Learn powerful habits to sustain healthy energy levels.

Connect with + embody your Soul's purpose.

Module 2:
The Calendar Cure

Combat brain fog, indecision, and overwhelm.

Implement a personalized weekly planning system.

Improve focus and boost overall productivity.

Module 3:
A Mindful Method

Reclaim your email, your attention, and your life.

Learn an elevated approach to goal setting for inspired action and aligned living.

Soulful Productivity is...
the culmination of my research into the best strategies and methodologies to date, from productivity thought leaders like James Clear, David Allen, Stephen Covey, Steven Kotler, Chris Bailey, Tim Ferriss, Simon Sinek, and Craig Jarrow.  I took the best of their work and integrated the deeper Soul lessons taught by spiritual teachers who have deeply influenced my own journey and development, such as Danielle LaPorte, Kyle Cease, Allan Watts, Abraham Hicks, Deepak Chopra, and Joe Dispenza.  To this collective wisdom, I have infused my personal lived and learned experience as a leader, coach, mentor, business owner, and single mom to create
The Magic 8 Principles of Soulful Productivity.


Please note that space is limited to 8 participants in order to facilitate an intimate and personalized learning experience


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Amy’s program completely changed my ability to tackle the mountains of “to-do’s” in front of me by reframing my relationship, not with the things I want to achieve, but with the reasons I want to achieve them.


By creating a deeper connection with my goals, or even with just the things I wish to accomplish “this week”, it provided the framework I was missing to actually get things done.


Game changer.


—  Richard D.

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