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How To Stick To A New Habit.

How many times have you started a new good-for you- habit, like exercising, meditating, journaling, or gratitude, only to stop doing it just as quickly as you started?

This is SO common. (psst! you’re not alone!).

What I’ve noticed in working with my clients, through research in productivity and motivational psychology, and of course my own lived-and-learned experience, is that we tend to focus on WHY we want to create this new habit, and less on HOW we are going to stick with it.

As in, we are stuck in problem mode (I want to meditate every day so that I can calm my crazy monkey mind), instead of allowing ourselves to shift into solution mode (I meditate every morning for 20 minutes before I check my social media).

As Abraham Hicks reminds us - we can be in the vibration of the Problem (Why) OR the vibration of the Solution (How). But energetically, we simply cannot be in both spaces at the same time.

Now, while the WHY is a necessary ingredient to your foundation for success (this is intrinsic motivation) and is a key aspect of the explorative process of self awareness and goal setting, the differentiating factor between your ability to sustain a new habit versus quitting it, is whether or not you are clear on the “how”.

Because the HOW is something tangible - it’s something you can actually do something with.

So if you’re struggling with sticking with those new habits or routines, once you're crystal clear on your Why, and you know your motivation is not being outsourced (as in, you’re doing it for YOU!), the most powerful next step, if you truly do want to make this habit stick, is to ask yourself HOW you’re going to do it.

(A real quick side note: your Why is an important first step in the process of new habit creation. Being intrinsically motivated to do something serves your success potential more potently than relying on “should’s”, or external motivators or comparing yourself to others. What I mean is - make sure you’re doing this for you - if for no other reason at all than it makes your heart smile.

Once you’ve clarified the problem, then you can switch over to the solution.

Some key elements to YOUR solution, YOUR “How” that will guarantee your successful sustained habit:

  1. Your HOW must be simple. Avoid overcomplicating your ability to actually get it done. Don’t make yourself jump through hoops.

  2. Your HOW must be within your control. No relying on other people, or technology, or an ideal environment.

In my Soulful Productivity Program, participants successfully implement new feel-good habits that escalate their productivity in a Soul-satisfying way, because they first get clarity on their WHY and then they adopt effective strategies for their HOW, keeping things aligned, simple and within their control.

They do this by learning how to effectively manage their energy, attention, and time.

Managing your energy is all about HOW to actually sustain the feel good vibes to do the important things consistently.

Managing your attention is knowing HOW to stay focused and get into flow with the thing you know is important.

And managing your time is all about HOW to effectively make the most of the time you have to get those important things done.

If you’re ready to be the person that actually sticks with those good-for-you habits and you truly want to finally figure out HOW you’re going to live your most ideal, aligned, productive life, I invite you to join The Soulful Productivity Program.

And in the mean time - I encourage you get one inspired good-for-you habit going by defining a simple, within-your-control action plan. Figure out your tangible HOW and I promise you'll be amazed at your own stick-to-it-ivness!

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