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How To Use The Time Matrix To Be Discerning (The 3rd Magic Principle of Soulful Productivity)


Are you...





Then the Time Matrix can help!

The Time (Eisenhower) Matrix is a litmus test for how your time and the value of your output interconnect.

It’s also a map of tasks rated on a scale of importance and urgency. Impact and effort.

When you assess your to-do's with the time matrix, you are able to discern where and when you should spend your time so that you can:

  • prioritize wisely.

  • get clarity on what matters most to you.

  • live in alignment.

  • reduce overall stress.

  • be inspired into action.

A great place to start is by analyzing how you are spending your time and energy throughout the week. What quadrant are you primarily operating in?

👉 Spending most of your time in quadrant one, "urgent & important", is a SYMPTOM of poor planning and organization.

👉 Spending a lot of your time in quadrant three, "urgent and not important", is the CAUSE for misalignment, stress, and overall life dissatisfaction.

👉 Spending a lot of your time in quadrant four "not urgent and not important" is the CAUSE of disconnect, lack of motivation, and depression.


To be in quadrant two "not urgent and important" as much as possible. This is where alignment happens.

Remember: Alignment = Productivity.

If you aren't operating from a place of alignment, you aren't being truly productive.

Spending more time in quadrant two is the CURE for stress and lack of motivation. Committing more attention to this area prevents time wasted in quadrant three and quadrant four and reduces time spent in quadrant one.

Prioritizing quadrant two activities is what's going to help you overcome procrastination, perfectionism, a lack of motivation, and overwhelm.

So, get real with how you're currently spending your time and attention, and use discernment in terms of how you will choose to spend your time moving forward, so that you can be living primarily from quadrant two, and feel damn good about it.

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