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Balance of Polarities

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The world is only as healthy as each individual within it.  


When we explore and work with the masculine and feminine energies we are practicing self responsibility, self awareness, and self progression.  


We are balancing the polar energies within ourselves as whole and complete individuals so that we can contribute in a healthy way to the raising of the collective consciousness.  


We are cultivating harmony within, and in doing so, we will begin to witness that balance, that unity reflected in the world around us. 

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A lot of the stress we experience is due to imbalance, is due to us seeking things outside of ourselves to fix that imbalance.  As we learn to align with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine qualities in a healthy way within ourselves, we experience holistic energetic healing, healthier relationships, deeper intimacy, wholesome self expression, more ease and flow, and a lot less stress.

This workshop is not about gender, or sexual identity.  This is about deepening our understanding of the energetic qualities that reside within all beings on our planet so that we can show up in this world, healthy, whole, and joyful.

Meet Your Facilitators

Kevin leads Vancouver-based men's groups inspired by his own self healing journey and his studies with John Wineland, in pursuit of understanding what it means to embody the masculine. His Healthy Masculine Movement is elevating men's work by integrating Joe Dispenza's teachings into the exploration of male sexual expression.

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Amy is an Intuitive Burnout and Productivity Coach devoted to helping her clients stress less, make a bigger impact, and experience more joy, through holistic individual and team coaching. She recognizes that many professional women are experiencing burnout because they are surviving in their hyper-masculine and haven't yet learned how to thrive in their Divine Feminine.  She facilitates community events such as New Moon Circles where she gently guides women to remember, reconnect, and rejoice with the Divine Feminine essence within.

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