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Be Inspired.
Unleash your potential.
Make a bigger impact.
Join an results-driven community space from around the globe.

Recieve action-oriented workbooks for real time integration and zero-fluff proven solutions every month.

Be supported in shifting overwhelm, procrastination, and disorganization into joyful productivity.
We relate, we get clarity, we transform.
I see you.
I hear you... because I AM you.
‣  You're highly intentional, but can feel overwhelmed and confused about your priorities. This is frustrating AF. 
‣  You want someone who's been around the productivity block to give you goods on how to get clarity and results without the hustle. (This is WHY I am here - I've done the research and successfully applied it.  Now you can benefit from what I learned to streamline your path to Doing Less and Being More)
‣  You've read books, taken courses, maybe even hired coaches - and yet you still struggle with actually implementing all the stuff you know in your mind should work... it all makes sense, and you believe in the tools, but you can't seem to get over the hump of actually applying the gold.  
‣  You're ready to feel more spaciousness, more presence, more joy.  You long to slow down, and not feel guilty about doing so!
‣  You're tired of the hustle and know there must be a better way to achieve and succeed, without sacrificing your health, passions, or relationships.
‣  You understand that accountability and community are driving factors to your inspiration, motivation, and success. You love feeling connected to and supported by others, especially through transformation!
‣  You're multi-passionate, and committed to personal evolution. You really like to sink your teeth into creative projects, and you understand that there is no-quick fix.  Sometimes these beliefs contradict each other and prevent your progress.

‣  You get bored easily, which can lead to distraction, procrastination, and a pile of incomplete projects.  This feels disabling and can lead to self judgement and shame.

If you can relate to any of the above... you're in the right place. 
This month

Next Live Group Coaching Call: Wednesday Septemeber 6th, 2023

1230pm PST


Included in your membership:

Results Matter.
Hears what to expect in September:
  • Build habits that last so you can confidently direct and manage your day, your week, your life

  • Reverse engineer your ideal life so that you're intrinsically motivated to sustain good habits

  • Optimize your downtime so you feel energized, inspired, and purposeful

  • Create the lifestyle that supports the best version of You

  • Replace boredom, resistance and lack of motivation with high impact action

  • Focus on behavoirs that will streamline your success with simple habit building tools and strategies

  • Overcome temptations to keep yourself on track and inspired

  • Foolproof your habit strategy so it's more difficult to NOT do the habit than to do it.

Why Do Less Be More?

Here's one truth I've uncovered through my own self-actualization journey and in working as a Simplicity Coach: Your thoughts, feelings, and behavoirs create your reality - so if you're not happy with your current reality of stress, overwhelm , or burnout, whether you like it or not, you've created it!   Accepting that truth is step one to leaving Hustle Culture behind.  And if you're reading this - you've likely, on one level or another, come to realize that. Self responsibility is step two: now that you've accepted your part in what you're experiencing currently, you've gotta be willing to do the work to change your reality from hustling 24/7 to DOING LESS AND BEING MORE. And - let's be real.  Big change won't happen overnight.  It takes commitment, and intention, and it's helpful to have support and accountability in the process. Because, being human with deeply ingrained habits you know that doing the change can be tough to sustain. This is why the Do Less Be More Membership was created. To help the Big-Hearted Souls who get that there is NO QUICK FIX.  To empower The Big Dreamers who are ready to take self responsibility so that they can gain back time, make a bigger impact, and stress WAY LESS.  To support The Big Doers who are ready to commit to creating a more joyful, spacious life with radical productivity.  And since they understand that it takes courage, will power, and some re-wiring of neural pathways, they want to set themselves up for success with a support system. This monthly membership is your support system.  It's also your guidance.  Your cheerleader. Your accountability buddy.  It's what's going to nudge you back into the driver seat when you get a little lazy.  Redirect your focus when you get pulled off course by inevitable "life stuff". Each month is themed to allow you to hone your productivity and organizations skills on a Soul deep level.  Do Less Be More is a holistic approach to productivity that prioritizes Alignment above all else.  Because we know that burnout is the opposite of alignment - and that productivity is simply a means to an end. In this community, we are replacing hustle with Soulful Alignment. Results happen when we keep things simple and focus intentionally, while being held accountable with proactive support.  This is a realistic, simplified, action-oriented approach to being productive AF - without the hustle or unrealistic expectations. If you're ready to escape the stress-inducing, burnout-causing Hustle-culture mentality that 99% of the population is trapped in, this monthly membership is for you.  Learn how to #dolessbemore by attuning to your Heart:  The Soul's source of wisdom, while mastering your time, attention, and energy so that you can make a profound impact without sacrificing your well being, your passions, or your relationships.  And do it within a supportive community of Big-Hearted Souls just like you.

Here's What You'll Get As A Member
Monthly Themes
  • Taming distractions

  • Harnessing flow state

  • Manage your energy

  • Clarity when overwhelmed

  • Burnout prevention + recovery

  • Stress management

  • Simplify every area of your life

  • Prioritization and decision making

  • Email management and the REAL Inbox Zero

  • Developing habits (and actually sticking to them)

  • Decluttering

  • Procrastination

  • Calendar management

  • Boundaries + people pleasing

  • Goal Setting

...and more!

Get to know your facilitator

As a high-achieving, retired perfectionist who used to operate fully in my hyper-masculine, I suffered through three major burnout episodes and severe depression before finally hearing The Universe's message of how I'm meant to be serving on our planet. Simplicity is my gift. And I am here to help other Big-Hearted Souls with big dreams (and big stress!) to Do Less and Be More. Do Less Be More : this is the motto of not just my business, but my life. Living by this motto is how I am happily raising a teenager as a single mom, while building my own business, and enjoying all the things that bring joy to my life: busting out my tickle trunk and dancing my heart out, cultivating heart-centered relationships, contributing to my community farm, hosting women's circles and community potlucks, and squeezing in as much beach time as possible. I spent the better part of 2 decades leading corporate teams in ECommerce, Education, Construction, and Hospitality. My background is rich in Change Management, Accounting & Finance, Administration, Systems Processes, Operations, Inventory Management, and Human Resourcing. Productivity and Organization has always been my “thing”. My gift to offer is teaching others how to be organized and productive, in the simplest way possible. On paper… I'm a certified Transformational Coach, a Professional Organizer, and a Productivity Consultant. In my humanness, I am a relaxed-vegan, a poet, an intuitive, a believer in nature's medicine, and an aspiring chef. I'm happiest with my hands in the dirt, the music of mother nature in my ears, and the sun warming my skin. Most of my “work” hours are dedicated to supporting one-on-one clients into Alignment and Soulful Productivity so that they can Do Less and Be More. I also work with corporate teams as an in-house Holistic Productivity Coach, and I facilitate a 9-week productivity program that runs a few times a year. Empowering others out of Hustle Culture and into more peace, joy, and freedom is the most rewarding thing for me and I am so grateful for those that have trusted me to be their guide.

SP Membersip Waitlst
A support system for joyful productivity.

You're ready. 

You're ready to shift your relationship with productivity.


From reactivity (never-ending 911s) to proactive intentionality and more S P A C E.

From quantity driven time division to quality infused time wealth: you're contributing with meaning.

From never enough time, to the ability to manipulate time.

From time-limiting decisions that restrict to aligned choices that expand.

From competition with others to making choices that are of value to your Highest Self.

From transactional, limited production to relational, quantum expansion.

You're ready to shift how and WHY you use all those productivity tools and methodologies.  

No more working to earn your own time off and then being too exhausted to enjoy that time off!

No more managing your time obsessively in order to attain a sense of "enoughness" based on how productive you are.

The Do Less Be More Membership supports you in cultivating an evolved relationship with productivity that will fuel your purpose so that you can operate from your highest potential in service of the greater good.

I can't wait for you to join us.


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