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Do Less Be More Play

A vital ingredient to Soul healing and Self-Actualization is PLAY.  Growing up as the oldest child, I spent more time care-taking, problem solving, and managing chaos than playing with my imagination.  My childhood programming evolved into a hyper-masculine expression of my vigilant and controlling adult Self that embodied perfectionism, the belief that "I'm not creative", and the powerhouse Do-er identity with super-human abilities to Get Shit Done.   It took my third and final burnout episode and severe depression to finally understand that I was living life ignoring half my truth - my creative, playful, sensual parts - the Feminine aspects of my Soul were crying out to be seen, heard, and loved.  And as I began to make space for her expression  I held my inner masculine as it grieved its loss of control.  Now?  I flow through life with more balance, where my Divine Feminine comes out to play at least as often as my Divine Masculine does its thing.   ​ I lead Women's New Moon Circles, create art with organic vegan food, write poetry, dance, and play dress up - yes I have a tickle trunk!  Collaboration and co-creation with others and getting silly through playful exploration lights my Soul on fire.

If you have an event coming up or feel inspired to share your unique gifts with the world with me at your side through a co-creative playful experience, let's connect.

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An in-person summer workshop series to heal, connect, expand, and inspire within community.

Wigs, wings, and (eco-friendly!) sparkles are just the beginning.  Why do I incorporate my tickle trunk into my play-work?


Because costumes liberate us.  They give us permission to express the parts that are too afraid to be seen in the light of day - the parts of us that aren't "appropriate".  When we can "be someone else" we get to be silly without fear of judgement, we heal old wounds, we FREE ourselves.

Ecstatic dance.  Dance parties. Tickle trunk fun.

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The push for gender equality and the Women's Lib movement have caused us to smother, ignore, and forget the powerful essence of the Divine Feminine.  Ironically, in a battle for equality, instead of valuing the expression of the feminine as equal to the expression of the masculine, we've all... become men! 

It's time to remember The Divine Feminine.


Women's Lunar circles.  Divine Feminine Workshops.

Creating vegan rainbows of delicious nourishment for the mind, body, and Soul.  Explore the senses through REAL food, create from the heart with mother nature's greatest gift.

Enhance your workshops, events, circles and parties with sensory Soul Food.  Always organic and vegan.

Grace for my meandering missteps That have found me lost and so deeply confused In the val

I got my words back.  For most of my life I didn't think I had words of my own.  For a time, I even thought someone had stolen them.  Yet all the while, my inner child - she was keeping them safe, in a magical box while I hustled, strove, succeeded, pushed, and shoved as the Do-er.  She kept my box of words safe until I said the magic words:  I'm ready to BE.

Self expression. Healing through poems. 

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