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Burnout amongst women is no joke.

A July 2021 survey by The Hartford found 68% of women
in the workforce report burnout, compared with 52% of men.

Burnout for women is different than it is for men.  And being the primary caretakers of the household, and the rising leaders in nearly every industry worldwide, it's time for women to be supported how they need to be supported: in community.

As a single mom living in Vancouver, and someone who has suffered from 3 major burnout episodes in my career, along with bouts of anxiety and depression, I know what it feels like to have to do it all in an uphill battle when no one's got your back and you can't afford to hire help.


Having done the work to heal (and continuing to... the work is never ending) and to find a more sustainable and aligned way to live authentically, I am now on a mission to eradicate burnout: and supporting women in community is the heart of that mission. 


The Women's Burnout Support Subscription is a reliable and affordable monthly membership to support women in a safe and inclusive community container. There's no doubt you can conquer burnout when you're surrounded by Women who know that when You rise, we all rise.

Women's Burnout Support Subscription

Here's what you get with the monthly subscription:

Supportive Community

Join a community of women just like you: tired, overwhelmed, depressed, burned out, and ready for things to change. These women are longing for a safe community, to be able to express themselves authentically, to feel held.  We are all here for each other: you rise, we rise. 


Resources You Can Actually Use

Resources, tools, journal prompts, and inspiration catered specifically for women to support you out of overwhelm and burnout and into a place of authentic, joyful alignment.


Weekly Support Calls

Join us live on a weekly Zoom call.  We explore different topics each week, and you can anonymously submit your questions ahead of time.  This is a a safe container to share, to be seen, and to be heard.  We learn together and work through all the shit together.

Join us virtually:
7pm PST

Bronze, Silver, and Gold subscription options to match your level of commitment
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