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Purple Glow

Soulful Play

A summer workshop series

Soulful Play is an in-person summer workshop series based in Vancouver, BC, designed to help you de-stress and heal from burnout through playful exploration and community connection.

You'll learn healing tools for nervous system regulation, be guided through self discovery practices, and be inspired to connect deeper with Self, Community, Gaia, and The Universe.


Each workshop event has a unique intention and is facilitated by a passionate community leader, to support your healing process so that you feel safe to freely play with and express all of You through art, music, nature, dance, dress-up, food, and more! 


Each event culminates in a catered organic vegan meal.

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The events...

Tuesday July 26th

Explore The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine (12).png

Unity exists in our Universe when The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies are balanced within each of us. We are in the midst of a profound cosmic re-alignment of these masculine and feminine: the work we do to balance those energies within ourselves helps to pave the path towards Unconditional love. In this workshop we will explore the archetypes, the healthy expressions, and the shadow sides of both the feminine and the masculine. Through dyads, embodiment practices, and self reflection we will deepen our understanding of the polarities within each of us so that we may meet our truest selves with compassion and acceptance. You'll walk away with practical tools to help you move through life as an embodied, balanced individual, able to more intimately connect with yourself and others. This workshop is open to all humans (singles and couples): we are strengthening the relationship with Self, and doing the work to find Balance and Unity within, regardless of relationship status.

Meet your facilitators...

Kevin leads Vancouver-based men's groups inspired by his own self healing journey and his studies with John Wineland, in pursuit of understanding what it means to embody the masculine. His Healthy Masculine Movement is elevating men's work by integrating Joe Dispenza's teachings into the exploration of male sexual expression.

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Amy is an Intuitive Burnout and Productivity Coach devoted to helping her clients freely express their truest selves through holistic healing and Soul Alignment work.  She facilitates community events such as New Moon Circles where she gently guides women to remember, reconnect, and rejoice with the Divine Feminine essence within.

Tuesday August 9th

Explore The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine (3).png
Meet your facilitator...

Johanne offers soul-infused, trauma-informed healing, and person centered expressive arts workshops, as well as one-to-one sessions. Her offerings are deeply experiential, combining psychology, spirituality, and expressive arts (visual arts, movement, writing, voice, etc.) and various other modalities to facilitate embodied learning, spontaneous expressiveness, expanded awareness, creativity, and deep healing.

In this nature-based expressive arts workshop inspired by Joanna Macy’s work (“Council of All Beings”), you will experience deep empathy and connection to self, others and Mother Earth, expand your consciousness, tap into the wisdom of your Soul, and touch something deeper than self; something universal and sacred. You will be invited to deeply attune in consciously creative ways to Mother Gaia, listen to her whispers and harvest the profound wisdom she holds for you and the human collective. Using ritual, mindfulness, and the powerful medicine of the imagination and spontaneous creative expression (e.g., visual arts, writing, movement) you will be held in a safe, creative, playful, and healing container, invited to step outside your normal human consciousness and identity to attune with, and harvest the wisdom of, a non-human Life form. No arts experience needed.

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Tuesday August 16th

A fun house can be disorienting, confusing and down right scary sometimes. But once you realize that all you are seeing are the distorted reflections of your own perfect light, you can appreciate them for the illusions they are and have fun! This workshop is all about challenging and overcoming your own stories through musical expression. We will explore how the disciplined masculine can free the creative feminine through simple music theory and improv. Making music can be super fun, but if you believe you're not musically talented, it can be a little scary: kinda like a fun house! One of the greatest obstacles to making music is facing our own judgments about ourselves. In this workshop we encourage self exploration through music-making. The goal isn't to create the next hit single, but rather to feel safe enough to express openly, not take ourselves too seriously, get out of our own way, and have fun!

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Both Matt and Joe enjoy deep dives into the mysteries of The Universe and how this beautiful orchestra of lived experience can be explored and understood through various metaphors and modalities.


Joe has been facilitating and hosting exploratory and self discovery based events and workshops for the past few years. He owns The Haven, which hosts 2 spaces for practitioners to offer their various healing modalities. 

Meet your facilitators...

Matthew, a Breathwork and SIT (Subconscious Imprinting Technique) Practitioner, compassionately holds space for deep healing, while creatively incorporating music into his sessions.  Having played in a wedding band, this talented singer-songwriter is now exploring the healing power of music and rhythm through voice and instruments like the didgeridoo and singing bowls.

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Joseph Bullock

Tuesday August 30th

Explore The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine (10).png
Meet your facilitator...

Sabrina inspires healing and exploration through her life's creative and musical pursuits. Having a diverse background spanning sound design, dance, music production, and Homeopathy, she loves guiding others on the dance floor to experience their own expansiveness while surrendering to the rhythm of their body’s wisdom.

Who were you before the world told you who to be? In costume, we invoke the intuitive child-spirit within us to come out and play as we tap into our own healing powers on a sacred art journey inspired by Gabriel Roth’s 5Rhythms Dance. Incorporating meditation and movement, this healing art helps us tap into the wisdom of our bodies and express difficult or trapped emotions in a creative way. Dance as if no one is watching? How about: dance as if you're somebody else! Costumes liberate us. They give us permission to express our shy parts - the parts of us that aren't "appropriate" or “normal”. When we can groove in costume we get to be silly, creative, and curious. Combining dress up with the healing art of ecstatic dance, we step outside our comfort zones without fear of judgement, we heal old wounds, we FREE ourselves. This workshop will fuse Ecstatic Dance with a Live DJ set and a Tickle Trunk to help participants unleash, let go, and play!

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All events are held on Tuesday evenings from 6pm-930pm in either Lynn Valley or Kitsilano.

Each Soulful Play purchase option is available on a sliding scale.

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Biggest impact, best value.  Join the full 4 week series to heal, explore, and connect deeper with a community of likeminded Souls

soulful play (9).png

Solo-event tickets to dive deep into one explorative event that you feel most drawn to. 

Co-Creative Opportunity

Are you a healer, teacher, or practitioner with a desire to expand your offerings, share your gifts, and contribute to the playful exploration of our Souls within the Do Less Be More Community?  There is still space to participate as a Soulful Play Facilitator! 
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