How To Overcome The Fear of Sharing Your Ideas

It's time to stop being so afraid to share your ideas, especially the ideas that sizzle up and down your spine and completely hijack your thoughts.

When it comes to sharing a new idea, the fear, hesitation, and resistance you’re feeling is your Ego keeping you safe. New ideas come with new territory and a whole lot of unknowns that your Ego cannot control. (And she does not do well when she’s not in control).

These ideas - that excite you, that you’re nervous to share because they’re crazy or they’ll be rejected - they need you to detach from fear and share with enthusiasm. Here’s why:

  1. The idea came to you for a reason.

  2. The idea is not actually yours in the first place.

Let me explain.

That idea that “popped” into your head, or that came to you in your dream, or that poured into your journal, it was a download from Source. It came to you because it was ready. The idea was ready to be realized and YOU are a conduit to bring it to life.

So if it’s not your idea, why the hesitation to share? Rejection? If you get dismissed, eye rolled, or shut down, whomever you’re sharing the idea with is rejecting the idea, not you.

The individual rejecting the idea is simply not a vibrational match for the idea at this time: they just aren’t energetically ready. And that's okay. The beauty in their rejection that is important for you to understand is adorned in Karma. Now, I’m not saying that because they dismissed your idea, someone is going to dismiss them. That’s not what Karma is really about.

So what is Karma about then?

Karma is about balance. Karma is bounded action by the Universe telling you that you’ve gone off track. When you receive a ‘no’ to an idea, this is The Universe’s way of gently pulling you back into alignment with the direction that the idea needs to go.

It’s important to recognize what a ‘No’ really means: it’s a sign to course-correct.

The idea isn’t wrong. The direction that you took the idea is wrong.

That person that rejected your idea is not the one to help you bring that idea to life. Through their rejection, the Universe is telling you to take a different path.