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Be Your Purpose

An objective roadmap to Purposeful Living.


Gain inspired clarity and authentic liberation as you become who you came here to Be.

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What is
Be Your Purpose?

Be Your Purpose is a 16-week VIP Group Coaching Program designed to help you discover and masterfully align with your life's purpose. Structured to provide comprehensive, experiential learning, you are guided every step of the way to become the most peaceful, satisfied, successful version of You.


Students of Be Your Purpose are devoted to becoming their Highest Potential. This is a journey of letting go of distractions and excuses, reprogramming belief systems, connecting with your heart-and-soul truth, and intentionally directing your life so that you can make the impact you came here to make.


Offered three times a year, enrollment is by invitation only, requiring an application to join the invite list.

If you are ready to embark on the ultimate deep dive into self awareness and self knowing, so that you can finally live your highest purpose, apply here.

Is Be Your Purpose right for me?

What results can I expect from
Be Your Purpose?


Clarity on what truly matters to you, what it means for you, and why it matters. An empowered relationship with your north star, to keep you operating in alignment.


Safety, support, and a sense of belonging with a high-vibe group of people who are ready and willing to rise to their highest potential here and now - just like you. 


A roadmap for future decision making that will keep you in alignment to your Highest Self, no matter how big the decision.


Inspired, crystal clear clarity on the tangible, manifested reality of what it means to be your purpose.


Deeper connection to your authentic expression and the freedom to embody the truth of who you are, with confident enthusiasm that attracts your dream reality.


A simple, personalized strategy for holistically executing your mission. Implement the right tools to keep on track and follow through on your goals.

"I loved getting clear on my North Star! I've done a few of these values types of exercises in the past, but this one helped me redefine with more clarity, to be more organized in my mind around how I want to live, love, and lead.  I now know what it means to make values-aligned decisions in the future. I can see the path!"
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How does Be Your Purpose work?

The 3 Core Training Modules (a total of 11 lessons)


Step-by-step Weekly Video Lessons (with guided worksheets to apply weekly lessons)


Community Accountability in the Private Group Chat


A Holistic Personality Profile (to inform your weekly lesson work)


3 Integration Weeks

2 x 45 Minute Private Coaching Sessions

Lifetime Membership Access to Program Resources

I have more questions!

Can you tell me more about the 3 Core Training Modules?

  • In the PURPOSE module, you will explore several key aspects to help you connect with your core truth.  You will engage in self-reflection exercises to better understand your identity, values, and what it means to live in alignment with your purpose.

  • In the VISION module, you will work on clarifying your ideal future reality and purpose-driven aspirations.  You will envision your future and the path you want to take, gaining clarity on your direction and the reasons behind your chosen path.

  • In the MISSION module, you will define your actionable steps to actually achieve your highest potential. This module is about translating your vision into concrete objectives and plans, outlining how you will achieve your goals and make a meaningful impact.

When is this program offered?

The "Be Your Purpose" Group Program is offered three times a year. The next round is scheduled to begin in September 2024. Additionally, an earlier cohort is possible based on demand, with a minimum requirement of 8 participants. If you are interested in joining the program before the fall, you should indicate your preference in the application form.

How much does it cost?

The tuition for Be Your Purpose is $1,600. A monthly payment plan is available: 4 payments of $440 each.  Subsidy tuition is an option, based on expressed need and availability.

Who is teaching Be Your Purpose?

Be Your Purpose is led by Amy Fairbridge, a Certified Transformational Life Coach and Internal Family Systems Practitioner with a wealth of experience coaching individuals, teams, and groups.  She took the messy, painful path through severe depression and burnout, forcing her out of her 6-figure corporate job into 9 months of devotional deep-dive healing work and a self actualization journey, to eventually discover her purpose. Her North Star is made up of simplicity, pleasure, and self responsibility and she is on a mission to eradicate burnout. Through her private coaching practice, workshops, and group coaching programs, Amy offers wisdom and perspective from her own healing path to help guide others to live their most inspired lives.

Is there an affiliate program?

Upon completing the program, you are automatically enrolled in the Do Less Be More referral program. This program offers the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Coupons: Gift $200 off the program to your friends and family.

  • Commission: Receive a $200 commission for each referred enrollment.

Ready to Transform Your Life and
Live Your Purpose?

Take Action Now and start living a life full of purpose, clarity, and authentic joy. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your life and be the director of your destiny. Apply today and step onto your Highest Path.

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